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Important Note! The 7 Day Rule will be eliminated from all apps by Jan 10th 2018. Your account may not be affected until then. Please test your account before assuming the 7 Day Rule is gone.

Infusionsoft has discontinued the "7-day rule" behavior in Campaign Builder. After receiving customer feedback, we have found that this behavior was not overall beneficial to building and maintaining campaigns. The 7-day rule triggered any added processes published to an existing sequence to run on any contact currently in the sequence (Active or Queued) to have the added process run automatically on their contact record at the point the update is published to the campaign.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding this change, and a link to an additional resource to learn more.

  1. How did the 7-day rule work in a campaign sequence?

    If you published an additional process to a campaign sequence (e.g. adding an additional email to an existing sequence) any contacts currently in the sequence (Active or Queued) that would have reached this new step in the last 7 days would have the process automatically ran at the point of publishing the update to the sequence.

  2. If I publish an addition to a sequence, what will happen now that the 7-day rule has been discontinued?

    Only contacts that have not reached the point in the sequence where the addition was made will have the process ran. Contacts that are past the point of the addition to the campaign sequence, or contacts that are queued at the end of the sequence will NOT have any additional processes ran on their contact record, if an update is published to an existing sequence.

  3. What if I need to run these additional processes on contacts that may have already passed a certain point in my sequence?

    These processes would need to be run manually, by pulling contact sequence reporting for the desired contacts (active and queued). Contacts can be selected and processes can be run via the 'Actions' drop-down.

Pro-Tip: If the addition is an email, consider sending the email as a 'Broadcast' to the contacts that have already passed the point of the addition to the sequence.

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