Create a purchase goal

Purchases are tracked when a prospect or customer buys through an manual order, order form, shopping cart or upon successful payment for orders created through the API.

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Pro Tip! A purchase goal can be satisfied by a general purchase, the purchase of a specific product, or the purchase of a particular category of product.

Goal Setup

  1. Click and drag a goal onto the campaign canvas.

  2. Double-click on the goal

Pro-tip! Click the text under the goal to create a unique name

Configure Purchase

  • Select the purchase option that satisfies the goal
    • Any Purchase: This option allows you to update a contact's campaign sequence when they make any kind of purchase. This is a good option for companies that send generic customer follow-up that is not related to a specific product or category of products.
    • Specific Product Purchase: This option allows you to send product-specific communications, which can be used to help the customer maximize the value they receive from the product and / or to upsell additional products to them.
    • Product in a Specific Category Purchase: This option allows you to send customer communications based on a specific category of interest (e.g. live event promotions to people who like to attend seminars.)

Payment Types

  • Select the payment type that satisfies the goal. These payment options are configured under E-Commerce Settings

  • Click "Save" to apply the purchase option that satisfies the goal
  • Don't forget to publish your changes when you are ready to go live
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