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A campaign is assembled by arranging a series of goals and sequences on the campaign canvas. Campaign tools are connected together to define one or more paths. 

Campaign connections are created sequentially, moving from left to right.


You cannot connect a goal directly to another goal! (above) When the Product purchased goal is achieved, the previous sequence would stop and the following sequence would start. Goals are simply marketing objectives that when accomplished, moves the contact from one sequence to another.

Goal to sequence connections

  1.  If you connect a goal to more than one sequence, a decision diamond is created automatically.

  2. Double click the diamond to configure the contact's next appropriate sequence(s) based on Contains and Does not contain criteria.

Connect a sequence to more than one goal

  1. Drag the arrow from each sequence to the goal

When a goal is placed after a sequence, it does the opposite. Instead of adding contacts to the sequence, it removes them.

  • If there is no sequence after a goal then the contact will be marked Done
  • If there is a sequence the contact will continue. 

Sequence Settings

As mentioned above a goal following a sequence will mark the contact as Done when it has been achieved. Which stops the contact's path in that campaign series.

  1. Click the blue box with white flag on the sequence to open the Sequence Settings

  2. By selecting Runs until completed the contact will continue through that campaign path and not be marked Done

  • Below is a video example of how to access the Sequence settings  Note: The video has no audio

Multiple series of goals and sequences

A contact can be in multiple series in the same campaign. However, they are not able to go into a sequence they are already in. 

For example: Look at the image above. Judy is in two series in this campaign. If she clicks a link in the Confirm attending sequence that is connected with the Email Link clicked goal she will be removed and marked Done. However, she will not be removed from Confirm attending meeting.

Sequence to Sequence Connections

When a sequence is connected to another sequence, the contact will enter the second sequence within one minute of completing the first. Add timers to slow this down the process, to learn more click here

No Campaign Connection

When a sequences does not start with a goal, it's considered a disconnected process within a campaign.  This means that contacts are not automatically added to the campaign sequences but are manually added instead. Once the contact is added they will move through the campaign as normal.

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