Set Up Campaigns, Emails, Landing Pages and Report Marketing ROI

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Email Builder

Choose from a wide selection of hand-made email templates, or build it from scratch using our Email Builder tool.

Send an Email Broadcast

Send an immediate or scheduled marketing email to your contacts. It's suggested that you first read how to segment contacts so you can send the broadcast to a targeted list.

Campaign Builder Overview

Learn how to download pre-built campaigns and how to create them from scratch. Learn how to add contacts to a campaign with Goals.

Campaign Sequence Overview

A Campaign Sequence is an automated series of marketing events (usually emails) that starts automatically when someone submits a web form, landing page or if any number of Goals have been achieved.

Campaign Publishing

Take the anxiety out of "going live" by learning how to Publish a campaign and how to make changes to a live campaign.

Landing Page Builder

Create a great looking Landing Page quickly using the Landing Page Builder. Choose from a wide selection of pre-built templates, or create your own from scratch.

Campaign ROI Reporting

Now that your campaign is running, learn how to leverage reporting to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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