Integrating The Keap Storefront With Your Website

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There are two methods of integrating the Keap shopping cart with your existing website:

  • You can utilize Keap's storefront and shopping cart checkout for a quick, end-to-end solution. You will just need to style your shopping cart theme to match your website.
  • If you have a custom storefront, you can utilize Keap's product links as a "buy now" option. Just add the product links to your existing storefront and let Keap take care of the checkout process.
  1. To get your storefront link, go to E-Commerce > E-Commerce Setup
  2. Go to the Design section and click on Shopping Cart Themes.
  3. Click on a thumbnail to preview the theme; this is the URL of your shopping cart storefront.
  4. Copy the URL from the browser address bar and use it in your website or send it to your webmaster along with instructions about where you want to use it.
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