Max Classic Mobile Tasks

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  1. Expand the menu and tap Tasks

  2. Click on a task to view the Task List screen.

    • Today contains overdue tasks and tasks due today.
    • Upcoming contains tasks with due dates in the future.
    • No Due Date contains tasks with no due date.

  3. To complete a task, swipe from left to right while on the List screen. You will be prompted to Undo if you swiped the task erroneously. Note: Once a task is complete, any campaign automation tied to that task will trigger at this time.

  4. To delete a task, tap the task to see the details, and tap the Delete button.

  5. To add a task, tap the "plus" icon in the Task List view

    As you start adding task details, more task options will become available:
    • You can tap due date to select a date from the native date picker that slides up.
    • You can tap "Add Contact" to search for a contact and select one to associate to that task.
    • You can tap the Description field to start entering text in that field. The whole screen scrolls up as the body of text text lengthens.
    • When you tap Save, the task is added to the appropriate list based on due date and you can see a "Task successfully created" card at the bottom of the screen.

  6. To edit a task, you can tap the edit "pencil", or on any of the fields while viewing the task

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