Campaign Builder - Checklist

The Campaign Checklist helps you to feel more confident hitting the "Publish" button by automatically reviewing the campaign for common errors. 

Table of Contents:

Checklist functions

  • Green icons means it passed validation. 
  • Yellow icon represents a suggestion. 
  • Red icon indicates a problem.
  • Hovering over any of the main checklist items will display an explanation below the checklist.
  • Clicking on the arrow next to the items with errors will result in a new panel sliding in from the left (over the Campaign Checklist), detailing each individual error.

What is checked

  • Elements Marked As Ready: Checks all campaign elements (goals, sequences, items within sequences) to verify they are marked as ready and configured.
  • Campaign Elements Are Connected: Checks all campaign elements (goals, sequences, items within sequences) to verify they are connected to each other so that the campaign runs as it was likely intended.
  • Email Delivery Frequency: Checks to verify that there is a timer between emails or that there is some sort of user action required between emails so that our customer's customers do not receive multiple emails at once.
  • Emails Are Personalized: Checks all emails to verify that a Contact Merge Field or Custom Contact Merge Field is used within the email ensure all emails are personalized.
  • Email Merge Fields Are Correct: Checks that all merge fields (Contact, Owner, Company) are correct and not invalid.

View Errors

Click on the eyeball icon next to each item and it will take you to the element within the campaign:

  • Emails: You will be dropped into the individual email to resolve the issue but the Checklist Panel will disappear to allow the user to focus on the error
  • Merge Field Errors: The Merge Fields that are erroneous are called out on the panel
  • Timers, Tasks, other Processes: You will be dropped into the individual element to configure or mark as ready
  • Goals & Sequences:
    • Not Marked As Ready: You will be dropped into the goal or sequence. Make the goal or sequence ready

    • Campaign elements are not connected: You will need find the goal within the campaign to connect it.

      Note: Campaign elements are not required to be marked as ready or connected. If the element is not ready to run and/or if you want to manually add contacts go ahead and publish the campaign.

Once you have corrected and/or reviewed the item click "Publish" to complete with the publishing process

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