Stop an email broadcast

Alert! Modifying an already queued email may not give you the results you desire. When you schedule an email broadcast to be sent at a day and time in the future, it is added to a broadcast queue until that time arrives.

Once the broadcast is scheduled, you cannot:

  • Add or remove people from the queued list
  • Edit the email template
  • Update the day or time

If you need to change any of this information, then you must stop the scheduled broadcast, fix the problem, and then schedule a new broadcast.

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Email Broadcast

  2. Go to View Email Broadcasts

  3. Click New Search button above the Email Broadcast Report

  4. Review the Search Criteria to make sure the correct user(s) are selected from the list. You must select the user who scheduled the broadcast. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard to select more than one user

    Note: You only need to select System if you want to include follow-up sequence emails in the search results

  5. Click on the Misc. Criteria tab

  6. Go to the status section

    • Select Contains Any from the drop down

    • Select Scheduled from the status list

    • Click on the Search to see a list of scheduled broadcasts

    • Click on View to see the broadcast details (i.e. created date, scheduled start date, template name, etc.)

  • Can't see the View link? 

  • If you do not see  View then you need to add this column to the report

  • Click on the Edit Criteria and Columns...

  • Go to Columns

  • Click the View Report item in the Available Fields box on the right

  • Click the arrow in the middle to move it over to the Custom Columns section

  • Click OK

  1. In the report on the left is Current status which will display the status of the broadcast

  2. Click Stop email to remove it from the queue

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