Resolving 502 Bad Gateway and Other Error Messages

If you are experiencing 502 Bad Gateway errors in Infusionsoft, it is due to poor communication between our servers and your computer network. There are a few things you can try to resolve the issue:

  1. Clear your browser cache completely. Many times, this is a local caching problem that you can quickly resolve. Check out this website that describes how to clear your browser's cache.
  2. If you are surfing the Web and see this problem for all Web sites you try to visit, then either:
    1. There  is something wrong with your internal Internet connection (e.g. your  company firewall is not functioning correctly.) In this case, you should  contact your company's IT department.
    2. Your ISP has a major equipment failure/overload - this is unusual. If this is the cause, then you will need to contact your ISP.

  3. If you get this problem only when trying to access your Infusionsoft account and you have cleared your browser’s cache, please contact our customer service department.  If after hours, call the support line, +1 866 800 0004 Ext. 2 and wait  for “emergency” notice to leave a message for on-call support.

Here are some other common errors that can usually be resolved by clearing your browser cache & cookies.

  • Drop-down fields are missing or not working on a page
  • You get an “Access denied” message when trying to use the Contact search even though you are an Admin user
  • You receive the error message, "Results cannot be retrieved at  this time” or something similar that states that the page is not loading  correctly
  • When you are trying to save a page or make changes to a campaign and they are not updating correctly
  • Occasionally, clearing cache & cookies can resolve slowness issues
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