Delete a contact record

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Delete a Contact Record

Customers are going to engage with your business in many ways.  Your full contact list is used for tracking all of the different interactions your have with customers and is very important to your business.  You can track customers projects, sales, notes, emails sent, and content engagement. Because each customer engages in different ways, it's important to tag customers so you can identify their preferred communication method and connect with them in a way that works best for them! 

Remember:  If you delete a contact record, you delete all information related to that contact and may lose valuable information on past interactions, communications, and purchases.  This action cannot be undone by application users and requires a data restore performed by Keap.  Please refer to the article Restore deleted contacts and other data.

  1. Navigate to CRM > Contacts and retrieve the contact record that you want to delete.

  2. In the contact record, scroll down and click the Delete button. Please note that you may lose information such as referral partner records or other data that you might want to keep.

Pro-Tip! If you do not see a Delete button, you don't have permission to delete the contact record. 


What happens when I delete a contact?

  • Almost everything from the contact record is permanently purged, only the standard contact fields are backed up and available for retrieval through Keap Support.

Can I find out when a contact was deleted and who deleted it?

  • Yes, contact Keap Support. 

Can I undelete a contact? 

  • Contact Keap Support for a data restore.
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