How to Add a Spam Filter to Opt-In Forms

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You can block domains from submitting web forms. This is particularly useful if someone keeps filling out your form and reporting your email as spam; this type of malicious intent is not common, but can happen.

Please Note! This feature applies to both external web forms and internal forms

Please Note! When blocking specific email addresses, for example,, and no one else on that domain, entering will not work. You must enter david as a line item in the Spam Filter and note that any email address with david before or after the @ sign will also be blocked!

Protip! The spam filter is a global setting that applies to all of the web forms you create. If a blocked domain is entered into the form, the person submitting the form will see the blow error message (Error 7726)

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Application Tab

  2. Go to Form Security

  3. Enter domain name(s) you wish to block. For example, to block any email address ending with the domain, "", just type, xbusinessprofs into the SPAM filter. To add multiple domains, just enter the new domain on a new line in the SPAM filter.

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