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The UPS (United Parcel Services) shipping method calculates shipping in real time as customers check out through the shopping cart. These shipping fees are determined by customer location, delivery type, and current UPS rates. You can include several different UPS options with different levels of pricing (e.g. Next Day, Ground). The customer chooses their preference based on price and urgency.

You can only use this option if you have a shipping account with UPS or register for a new account. After you create the My UPS account, you'll need to create a UPS Shipping Account.

Weight Restrictions. Make sure your products fall within the 150 lb / 70 kg UPS weight restrictions. Read more here.

Get the Access Key and Shipping Account number from UPS

Log on to your My UPS Account to request an access key. You will use this key in Max Classic. For your convenience, we've provided brief instructions below. Please contact UPS directly to request more detailed assistance.

  1. Go to Support > Technology Support
  2. Click on the Use the Developer Resource Center link.
  3. Get the following information to use in Max Classic.
    1. Access Key
    2. Shipping Account Number
  4. Enter a weight for each shippable product in Max Classic.
    1. Go to E-Commerce > Products
    2. Click on the Add a Product button to add a new product or click on a product link to edit an existing one.
    3. Go to the Product Information section.
      1. Shippable: Choose Yes
      2. Weight: Enter the product weight. The default unit is Pound. Go to E-Commerce > Settings > Order Settings > Fulfillment section to change the unit. Note: UPS calculates shipping based on pounds or kilograms. If you use ounces or grams, product weights will be converted to pounds or kilograms when passed to UPS. The ship from address (see below) must be in a metric system country to use kilograms.
    4. Click Save and repeat for additional products.

Set up UPS Shipping

  1. Go to E-Commerce > E-Commerce Setup
  2. Go to the Shipping Options section and click on Shipping Options.
  3. Verify or Update the Ship From information on the My Location tab. The Ship From location influences the shipping rates.
  4. Click on the Shipping Methods.
  5. Click on the Add a Method button
  6. Click on UPS
  7. Enter the Shipping Method Settings:
    1. Display Name and Description: Your customers will see this information during checkout (e.g. UPS/United Parcel Service.)
    2. Enable this Shipping Method: New shipping methods are enabled by default, which means they show up for customers. Unmark this checkbox to hide the shipping option.
    3. International Shipping Method: Mark this checkbox to offer this shipping to international customers, those outside your default country (E-Commerce > E-Commerce Setup > Shipping Methods > Othertab.)

Enter the UPS Settings

  1. Access Key: Enter the key you obtained from UPS
  2. My UPS Username / ID: Enter the username you use to log into your My UPS account. This is case sensitive and must exactly match the username you set up in UPS (e.g. MyUsername is not the same as myusername.)
  3. My UPS Password: Enter the password you use to log into your My UPS account.
  4. Shipping Account Number: Enter the UPS Shipping Account number you obtained from UPS
  5. Destination Type: Select the Destination Type you designated when you set up your My UPS account.
  6. Pickup Type: Select the Pickup Type you designated when you set up your My UPS account.
  7. Packaging Type: Select the Packaging Type you designated when you set up your My UPS account.
  8. Delivery Types: Mark the checkbox beside each type you want to offer. Customers will choose their preferred type during checkout based on the shipping price they are willing to pay.
  9. Mark the checkbox to calculate shipping on the total weight of an order.
  10. Click Save
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