Send Yourself An Order Notification Email

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You can receive an order notification email for each shopping cart purchase and customize a few other Shopping Cart settings.

  1. Go to E-Commerce > E-Commerce Setup in the master nav.

  2. Click on the Shopping Cart Settings link at the top right.

  3. Checkout Settings
    • Select the cart type: multi-step or single-step
    • Default Country: Select your primary country from the drop-down. This country will display by default when a customer enters their information during checkout, but they can select a different country during checkout.
    • International shipping rates will apply to orders from countries outside of this one.
    • (Optional) The company field is required: Mark this checkbox if you want all customers to enter a company name during checkout.

  4. Tax and Referral Partner Settings
    • Charge Sales Tax: Mark this checkbox to add sales tax to shopping cart orders.
    • (Optional) Double pay referral partners: Set to Yes if you want to pay the referring partner the lead and the sale commission, instead of just the sale commission.

  5. Email Notifications
    Enter an email address if you want Max Classic to send a notification email for each shopping cart order. Note: You can only add one email address in the email notification field.

  6. Email Confirmation Requests
    If you haven't created the email yet, go to Marketing > Templates to create it. Note: This email will only go to the customers who have never clicked to confirm their permission in the past.

  7. (Optional) Pay Per Click Tracking
    Enter your the PPC tracking code from your PPC service provider (e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN.)

  8. Save the settings.
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