List Hygiene

List hygiene is the practice of continuously cleaning an email list to ensure all addresses are active and deliverable. Regularly implementing this process every few months removes disengaged addresses from your marketing list, which decreases your risk for spam traps, complaints, and invalid hard bounces. 

If you have been doing regular email clean up as outlined below, continue to implement the actions below every few months. If you haven’t cleaned your email list in a long time, then we do not recommend trying to engage disengaged contacts. Instead, remove them with this process: Find & tag unengaged contacts, and Remove unengaged contacts from email marketing.

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Opt-out contacts that have been unengaged more than 6 months

  1. Hover over the Infusionsoft logo in the top left, select Marketing, and click Reports.

  2. Click on Email Status Search to open the report.

    If your app brings you to a list of search results, click the Edit Criteria/Columns button.

  3. In the Email Status drop-down, select Unengaged Marketable.

  4. In the Last Engagement Date drop-down, select More Than 6 Months and click Search. Notice that you may choose other dates. We recommend 6 months.

  5. In the results list, check the Select All checkbox at the top.

  6.  Click the Actions drop-down, then choose Update Opt-In/Out Status.

  7. In the Email Fields to Update list, select Primary Email, Email 2, or Email 3. The most common selection is the Primary Email field as it is the email field that is most used for marketing communications.  

  8. In the Opt In or Out? drop-down, select Opt-Out.

  9. Enter the Reason for Opt Update and click Process Action.

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