Create And Organize Product Categories And Subcategories

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Product categories organize the product display in the Max Classic storefront. The subcategories organize products within particular categories (e.g. Books = Category, Children's Literature = Subcategory), making it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for. Product categories and subcategories also organize the product list in the Max Classic application (E-Commerce > Products in the master navigation menu). Using categories and subcategories allows you to manage products more efficiently, even if you are not using the Max Classic storefront. You can filter the product list by category and create category related discounts.

Important to know!

Subcategories are only available when choosing a two-column shopping cart theme

If a product is not under a category or subcategory, it will show up on the storefront home page!

After creating categories and subcategories, you will need to update products to assign them to one or more category. Note: You are also able to create new product categories "on the fly" as you add or edit a product (shown below.)

  1. Go to E-Commerce > E-Commerce Setup in the main navigation menu.
  2. Under Products, click on Categories.

  3. Click on the Add new Category button.
  4. Enter a category name and click on Save.
  5. Repeat this process to add more product categories.
  6. (Optional) Click on  the Add subcategory... link below one of the categories.

  7. Enter the subcategory name and click on Save.

  8. Repeat this process to add more subcategories.

Good to know: You can also edit and delete product categories and subcategories from this screen. If you edit a name, it will update everywhere: in the Max Classic storefront, in the product list, and in individual product or subscription records. If you delete a category or subcategory, it will be removed from all of these places.

Warning! Before you delete a product category, you should reassign affected products to a new category and/or subcategory, as well as update related product category discounts. Products that are not assigned to a category or subcategory are displayed on the home page of the Max Classic storefront.

Pro Tip! You can also manage categories and subcategories while viewing an individual product as well.

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