Email Sync

Our new Email Sync connects Infusionsoft with your existing Microsoft1 or Gmail email account. Incoming and outgoing emails exchanged with your IS contacts automatically sync to your client records, so you can quickly search and view your interactions alongside other key customer information. 

1Exchange Online, Office 365,,,,, and accounts are also supported.

Gmail Setup

Microsoft Outlook Setup

Set up Email Sync

  1. From the icon menu, hover over the person icon and click Edit My Profile.

  2. Scroll down and click the Mail Accounts tab.

  3.  Click Sync Email Account.

  4. Select the email provider you want to sync.

  5. Complete the Google or Microsoft authentication.

Warning: If you are syncing Microsoft email, your email must be hosted by Microsoft. It is possible to use an email not hosted by Microsoft in applications such as Microsoft Outlook, so double-check where your email is hosted if you encounter errors with a Microsoft email.


How often do email inboxes sync?
Email inboxes do not sync at set intervals. The system checks for opportunity to sync every 5 to 10 minutes. The sync occurs shortly after an account sends or receives an email related to a contact in the Infusionsoft app. If there is nothing to sync it indicates "last synced x days ago" which is the last time it found an email to sync. The Pending status means no emails have been synced yet. Once you send or receive an email from one of your contacts it will update to an Active status.

Which email accounts do not work? 
All Microsoft accounts except for Exchange servers will work with Email Sync.

Can I remove emails after I have synced an inbox?
To remove all emails from a synced inbox, navigate to Settings > Mail Accounts and disconnect the email address. Then select the checkbox to erase the email history.

Are attachments synced to my Infusionsoft account?
No, email attachments are not included in the email sync. Only the email content is synced.

Where can I see synced emails in my Infusionsoft app?
Emails display in a client’s Contact Record email tab and the Recent Email History section on the main page of the Contact record.

Can I sync multiple emails to my Infusionsoft account?
Yes, you can sync multiple email accounts to one Infusionsoft account, even if they are from the same email provider. Please note that adding an excessive number of email accounts can result in performance issues in the app.

Does Email Sync also sync information from my calendar?
No, Email Sync for Microsoft and Gmail does not sync calendar appointments. 

Is my entire email history synced when I set up email sync?
No, only emails received after syncing are imported. Past emails do not sync. 

I don’t want my email to continue to sync. Can I stop the email sync?
Yes, you can disconnect an email inbox to stop the email sync. Navigate to Settings > Mail Accounts and disconnect the email address. 

Will emails sent from Infusionsoft sync to my external email account?
No, emails sent from Infusionsoft are not synced to your external email account. Email sync only affects emails sent or received by a Microsoft or Gmail account that is linked to Infusionsoft.

Which emails will sync from my Microsoft/Microsoft/Gmail email account?
Only emails that are sent to or from a contact in your Infusionsoft account will sync. We automatically do not sync any emails from contacts who share an email address with any user in your application.

Which email fields does this tool sync with?
The contact's primary email field only. Other email fields or custom fields will not be synced.

Will a new contact be created for emails from addresses not listed in Infusionsoft?
No, emails from addresses that do not belong to a contact in your app will not sync.

Can all users see a contact’s email history, regardless of which user added it to the account?
Yes, all users are able to see a contact’s email history, regardless of which user added it to the account.

In the contact record, it says my emails last synced 5 minutes ago. I see all the emails from my Gmail accounts, but not one I just sent from my Microsoft account.
The last synced status refers to the most recent inbox that was synced. In order to see exactly when each inbox was last synced, navigate to Settings > Mail Accounts. 

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