Add A BigCommerce Buy Now Button To A Campaign

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Pro-Tip! This feature requires Admin user permissions!

Use the “Buy Now” button to allow your users to purchase a product from your BigCommerce storefront from within your Max Classic campaigns. To add the button, you’ll need to add a Button content block to your campaign, and link it to a Buy Button product URL.

Before you Start:

  • In addition to Max Classic, you’ll also need to have an active BigCommerce account
  • Connect Max Classic for BigCommerce (from within the BigCommerce App Marketplace) to automatically sync purchase data to your contacts’ profiles when they buy a product from your store. This is a free tool.
  • Before adding the Buy Button to your Max Classic campaign, make sure you first add the Buy Button app from BigCommerce.


Create a BigCommerce Product URL

To copy the URL for your BigCommerce product, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your BigCommerce account
  2. In the navigation panel, click Apps then Buy Buttons

  3. Click Choose. Choose the product you want to promote in your campaign. If you have different versions of a product, choose the variant you'd like to promote

  4. Select the button type Link (Email, Social, etc)

  5. Select the type of redirect you want

  6. Copy the URL code

Add a Buy Now Button to your Campaign

After you’ve copied the BigCommerce URL, follow these steps to add the “Buy Now” button to your Max Classic campaign.

  1. Log in to your Max Classic account
  2. Navigate to the Campaigns Builder in your account, and create a new campaign or click the name of the campaign you want to work with.
  3. Navigate to the email that you want to have the buy button
  4. Click and drag the Button content block into your campaign layout

  5. From the Content tab in the editing pane, type or paste the text you want to appear on your button in the Button Text field.

  6. Set the Button Link to URL

  7. Paste the link you copied from BigCommerce into the Web Address (URL) field.

  8. Make any desired changes to the Styles and Settings for your button
  9. Continue through the Campaign Builder

  10. Now, when your contacts click the “Buy Now” button in your campaign email, they’ll be taken to the checkout, cart or product page for your product in your BigCommerce store!
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