Add someone to a campaign

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Automatically adding someone to a campaign

How someone is  added to a campaign is dictated by a goal in a campaign. For example,  in the campaign below, the first goal is for a person to fill out a web form to request information. Once this goal has been achieved, the  person has now been "added" to a campaign.

Manually adding someone to a campaign

In some cases, you  may want add some logic to the campaign that will make it easy to  manually add one-offs to the campaign. There are several ways to do this  depending on your situation. Below are two ways to set up logic in the  campaign builder to manually add individual people to a campaign:

  • Add  a Tag goal to the campaign. Whenever a specific tag is applied to a  contact record, the goal will be accomplished, and the person will be  added to the campaign.

  • Another method to manually add someone to a campaign is set up an internal form in the campaign. An internal form is similar to a web form, but an Infusionsoft user fills this out on behalf of a prospect.

Adding to campaign via the contact record

  • While  in a contact record, scroll to the 'Campaigns' tab. Here you will be  able to click the Add to Sequence button at the top right.
  • This will allow you to then choose a campaign, followed by a sequence that the contact will start at the beginning of. Click Add

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