How to add someone to a campaign

Automatically adding someone to a campaign

Goals dictated how contact are adding into a campaign. For example, if a campaigns process starts with a "Web form submitted" goal it means that once that form is submitted then the goal has been achieved, and that person is "added" into the sequence following the "Web form submitted" goal.

Adding to campaign via the contact record

Add contacts into a campaign directly from their contact record

  • While in a contact record, scroll down to the second row of tabs and click the "Campaigns" tab

  • Click the "Add to Sequence" at the top right

  • The first drop down is where you choose a campaign

  • In the second drop down select which sequence that the contact will be added to.

    Note: The contact will start at the beginning of the sequence unless date times are used, and that date has passed. Learn more here

  • Click "Add"

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