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If you only have a few products or you're ready to add some new products to Keap, you can enter each one manually instead of using the import tool to upload a list. These instructions apply to adding any product that is not a digital product.

  1. Go to E-Commerce > Products in the main navigation menu
  2. Click on the Add Product button at the top right of the screen.
  3. Enter a Product Name and click Save
    This name is displayed to your customers and on the product list inside of Keap. Product names are limited to 100 characters.

  4. Enter the product information.
    • Product Name: This name is displayed inside of Keap and on the storefront, shopping cart, order forms, and invoices / receipts. You entered the name when you added the product, but can edit it if needed.
    • Product Type: You already selected the Product Type when you enter the product. This field is used to hide or reveal the Digital Files tab in the product record.
    • Short Description: This description shows up on the storefront, shopping cart, order forms, and invoices / receipts. 250 Characters Max.
    • Status: Active products are available for purchase. Set a product to Inactive when it is no longer available for sale (i.e. seasonal product, limited edition product, etc.)
    • Price: This is the selling price for the product.
    • Cost: Enter your cost for this product. This number is used to keep your profit margin visible as you modify product price and / or receive a refund or credit request after a customer purchases.
    • Sku: This is optional. It stands for Stock Keeping Unit and may correlate with an external inventory management system.
    • Categories: Mark Category and Subcategory checkbox(es) to determine where this product displays in the Keap storefront, and to make it easier find when viewing your Keap product list. Click on the Add button to create new categories and subcategories if the one you need isn't listed.
    • Shipping: Set to Yes to include this product in the shipping calculations for online or manual orders.
    • (Optional) Weight: Enter the weight to be used for weight-based shipping calculations. Note: The default unit is Pound. Go to E-Commerce > Settings > Orders > and scroll down to the Fulfillmentsection to change this to Ounce, Kilogram, or Gram.
    • Taxable: Set to Yes and designate the sales tax(es) that apply to this product: Country, State, and/or City. Note: The default sales tax applies in the shopping cart and on order forms, but users can override the defaults when creating a manual order.

  5. (Optional) Click on the Edit button to add cart options, and then click Save to apply the update(s).

    • Is hidden in cart: Mark this checkbox  if you are using the Keap storefront to sell most products, but want to sell this product some other way (i.e. manual order, order form, a different website). The product is still active, but it won't display in the storefront.
    • Top HTML / Bottom HTML (FOR LEGACY SHOPPING CART THEMES ONLY) : These fields show up on the shopping cart summary page only when a customer chooses to purchase this particular product. It is a great way to add product-specific details or reminders on the checkout page. Click on Edit to use the Keap WYSIWYG editor or click on Source to paste in HTML code created outside of Keap.

  6. (Optional) Long Description: This is a long description that is only displayed in the Keap storefront.

  7. Click Save
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