Process an order Fulfillment Job

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An order fulfillment job (fulfillment report) is created when an order is placed that includes a product you ship to  the customer. It includes a list of people, the product(s) ordered, and  shipping information. The jobs are displayed in the fulfillment job  widget on your dashboard.

Each job will accumulate (or queue up)  people until you begin processing. After you begin processing a specific  job, the system will not add any new people to it. It will, instead,  create a new job the next time an order goes through and the job is  triggered. The fulfillment report creates a job that displays  fulfillment status, report name, and count (number of people queued) as  well as a link to view and process the job.

  1. Click on the Pick Up Items link beside a fulfillment report job to view and begin processing the job. If you manage fulfillment jobs, you will approve jobs for other users.
  2. Click on the Download CSV link to view the list of orders associated with the job.

  3. Click on the Pick Up Items button to confirm you are going to work on this job and to update the job status to processing.

  4. Click the Mark Complete link in the fulfillment job widget to confirm you've finished the job. The job can remain pending until it is fully processed. Do not click Complete until you have truly finished the job.

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