Shipping Fees Based On Order Quantity

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The Ship by Order Quantity shipping method calculates fees based on the total number of "shippable" products in the cart. It is a good solution for companies whose products are similar in weight and size since the actual shipping cost for each product should not vary much. The system sums up the number of products in the cart and multiplies it by the shipping price per item. This can then be added to a base price to come up with a total.  You can also set up a minimum shipping price that will override the actual shipping calculation if the actual fee is less than the minimum price you've defined. In most cases, you will create more than one ship by order quantity option to give your customers a choice of price and delivery type (i.e. Standard, Priority, Overnight, International, etc.)

Any Shipping Option that is free (costs $0) will not be displayed upon checkout. This will prevent your customers from placing their order if shipping is required. To offer free shipping, you will need to use Shipping Discounts.

  1. Go to E-Commerce > E-Commerce Setup
  2. Go to the Shipping Options section and click on Shipping Options
  3. Click on the Shipping Methods tab
  4. Click on the Add a Method button
  5. Click on Ship by Order Quantity
  6. Enter the Shipping Method Settings
    • Display Name and Description: Your customers will see this information during checkout (e.g. USPS Standard Shipping  / Standard Postal Service 3-5 Business Days.)
    • Enable this Shipping Method: New shipping methods are enabled by default, which means they show up for customers. Uncheck this checkbox to hide the shipping option.
    • International Shipping Method: Mark this checkbox to offer this shipping method to international customers - This will present a list of countries, allowing you to choose countries considered "Domestic", where an International Shipping Method would not apply.

  7. Enter the Quantity Settings
    • Base Shipping Price: The Base Shipping Price is the starting point. It may represent a handling fee. The calculated quantity fee is added to the Base fee to determine the total shipping fee.
    • Price Per Items: This is the shipping fee for each item. The system will multiply the number of items in the cart by this amount to calculate the quantity fee.
    • Minimum Shipping Price: The Minimum Shipping Price overrides the Base + Quantity fee for orders falling below this minimum price.

      Base Price=$5.00 / Price Per Item=$1.00 / Minimum=$7.00
      Scenario 1: There are 10 items in the cart. The Shipping Fee will be calculated by Base ($5.00) + Price Per Item (10 x $1.00=$10). The total shipping fee is $15.00, which is more than the minimum.  The system will charge the calculated fee, $15.00.
      Scenario 2: There is 1 item in the cart. The Minimum Shipping Fee ($7.00) will override the calculated fee. The calculated fee falls below the minimum threshold, Base ($5.00) + Price Per Item (1 x $1.00) is only $6.00.
  8. Click the Save button
  9. Repeat the process to create additional Ship Order Quantity options (i.e. Standard, Priority, Overnight, International, etc.)
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