Uninstall Sync for Outlook

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Uninstall Steps

  1. Close Outlook

Note! Do not open Outlook again until the END of this guide.

  1. Click on the start menu and type Uninstall

  2. Find and click on Uninstall a program

  3. Double-click on Infusionsoft for Outlook

  4. When the dialog box pops-up, click OK to remove the application from your computer.

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  1.  Navigate to Windows (C:) drive and in the top right search type "Add-in Express"
    1. Double click the Add-in Express folder

    2. Delete adxloader.txt file

  1. Navigate back to Windows (C:) drive and in the top right search type "infusionsoft_settings"

  2. Click the "infusionsoft_settings" file and Delete

Reinstall Outlook

Outlook Sync is now uninstalled. To reinstall it follow these steps:

  1. Click here and then click "Get the app"


  2. Once installed you can open Outlook and login with your Infusionsoft ID.

Missing Sidebar

  1. Click File > Options

  2. Click Add-ins > Go

  3. Check the box next to Infusionsoft and click OK

  4. Go to the Home tab and from the Infusionsoft drop down select "Show Sidebar"

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