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The Branding Center consolidates all your default templates, giving you an easy way to create and edit design styles from one place. Default templates include emails, forms, landing page s, thank you pages and direct mail pieces. You can also manage default logos and communication footers from here.

Default Templates

Legacy Notice: Campaign Email, Broadcast Email, Single Email, Follow-up Sequence Email, Template Library Email, Campaign Form, Legacy Form, Campaign Landing Page, and Campaign Letter are legacy features and can be ignored!

When style changes are made to the default template, they will be automatically applied to all of the communications associated with it, ensuring brand consistency and saving time. You no longer need to recreate a style for all of your marketing pieces. You can create and apply a single design style to all items that use the drag-and-drop builder, including emails, landing pages, forms and thank you pages. Every new account will come with a default style that can be edited to set fonts, colors, and more across all default templates (emails, landing pages, forms, etc) with one click. When editing a style, you can preview how your style changes will affect items currently using that style.To customize your default templates:

  1. Go to Branding Center
  2. Click Edit under the template you would like to customize (you can click the thumbnail image to get a larger preview)

  3. You will now be in the Email Builder.

Upload Company Logo

  1. Go to Branding Center
  2. Click on the Logo Tab


    • Default Logo - Your customers and prospects will see the master logo. It is displayed on invoices, digital product download pages, and opt-in/out confirmation pages.
    • Logo Snippet - The logo snippet is available in the email and web form builders.
    • External Pages - Displayed to your audience on opt-in/opt-out screens, invoices, and digital products.
    • Sign-in Pages - Shown on the sign-in screen for your users and referral partners
    • Client Center - Shown on pages your clients have logged into

Keap Footer

To disable Keap branding, scroll to the bottom of the page and click No next to the Allow Keap Footer in emails? option.

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