Legacy Landing Pages - FAQs

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Can I pre-populate fields if I link a contact from a campaign email to a landing page so they don't have to re-enter their information?

If you have a campaign email that is sending a contact to a landing page, only the first name, last name, email address and phone number will auto-populate.

How do I edit text?

Simply highlight the text you'd like to edit and use the right panel to change the color, font and sizing.  The highlight disappears while you're editing, but will still adjust the text.

What is Manage Layout used for?

Manage Layout allows you to navigate directly to the section, row, and column you'd like to edit.  You can also add sections, rows, and columns from this area.

How does Add Elements work?

The Add Elements button on the left gives you the items that you can drag & drop onto the page.  Click the element, drag to its intended location, wait for a blue highlight and drop!

How do I delete an element?

You can click on the element and tap the Delete button at the bottom of the right side panel, or, if you're using a PC you can right click on an element to delete.  On a Mac, hold Ctrl + Click, to access the delete option.

How do I duplicate an element?

You can click on the element and tap the Duplicate button at the bottom right side panel, or, if you're using a PC you can right click on the element to duplicate.  On a Mac, hold Ctrl + Click, to access the duplicate option.

How do I move an element if I drop it in the wrong place?

You can simply grab, drag, and drop that element in in its intended location.  Look for the blue highlights to drop the element.

Can I use custom fields on a landing page?

Yes, however not all custom fields can be used. Refer to this list of supported custom fields for landing pages.

How do I increase spacing in between 2 items on the page?

To change spacing vertically, click on the item and adjust Margin and Padding.  To change spacing horizontally, click on the section and widen the section by selecting "Edge to Edge".

Does 'Go Live" publish my landing page?

Yes, Go Live publishes only your landing page.  Your campaign will have to be published separately if you have other goals and sequences you're editing.  However, the landing page can stand alone and collect leads, whether the campaign is published or not, as long as the landing page is published.

Can a landing page be transferred to another app?

Landing Pages must be created within a partner’s sandbox app in order to be transferred to a customer's app or a data request can be made to our Support team to move a landing page from one app to another.

What browsers can I use to create a Landing Page?

We recommend using Google Chrome. You may not be able to successfully create Landing Pages with other browsers.

Can I generate referral partner tracking links that direct traffic to my Landing Pages and track commission?
No, any referral partner links that are pointed to Landing Pages will not track the visitor's referral partner information.

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