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Lead sources are specific methods or sources your company uses to attract qualified traffic to your website or location. Max Classic automatically generates lead sources through the Max Classic web tracking code you've embedded into all of your web properties. Online lead sources are tracked automatically. You should only need to manually create lead sources for offline sources that cannot be tracked automatically, however you may need to edit auto-created lead sources to add more detail to the record (e.g. message content or date range.)

A lead source is automatically assigned to contacts when they fill out an online form or make a purchase. You can manually assign lead sources when importing a list of contacts or manually entering a contact into Max Classic. The lead source field displays on contacts and opportunities and can be used to filter searches and reports.

  1. Go to Marketing > Lead Generation

  2. Click on the Create Lead Source link in the Lead Sources section.

    • Name: The lead source name is displayed on contacts, opportunities, and various reports. It should be short but descriptive.
    • (Optional) Description: The description may include additional details about the advertising agreement or terms, including the internal team member responsible for the advertising relationship.
    • Category: The category is used to group similar lead sources together for reporting purposes. Select a predefined lead source category from the drop-down or click on the Add Category button to create a new one.
    • Vendor: Select a vendor from the drop-down, or create a new vendor by entering the vendor name in the space provided. Note: The vendor is the business you pay for the advertising.
    • Medium: Select a medium from the drop-down, or create a new medium by entering the medium name in the space provided. Note: The medium is the type of advertising (e.g. event booth.)
    • Message: Select a message from the drop-down, or create a new message by entering it into the space provided.
    • (Optional) Start and End Date: Choose a start and end date for the advertisement, if this is a limited run ad.
    • Status: Select a status. The status is used to filter lead source reports. Note: Inactive lead sources cannot be assigned manually. They are hidden from user view in contact and opportunities.

  3. Click on the Save button to create the new lead source or apply the changes to an existing one.
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