Add Links To Emails

Links you add to campaign sequence emails serve more than one purpose:

  • They track engagement. Link clicks are recorded and taken into account on various reports. The links give email recipients a way to interact with the content you send to them.
  • They serve specific purposes. Opt-in and opt-out links are designed to help you follow email marketing best practices and minimize spam complaints.
  • They can satisfy campaign goals. The links you add to emails can be identified as a goal method that moves a contact from one campaign sequence to another.
  1. Select the text or image you would like to hyperlink and then click on the Link icon to add your link.

  2. Select a link type from the drop down
    • Web address: Enter the full URL of the website:
    • Email address: Enter an email address:
    • Thank-you page: This is a thank-you page hosted by Infusionsoft. Use the WYSIWYG or HTML source editor to create a simple thank-you message.
    • Hosted Email page: This is usually used in the pre-header of an HTML email or in the plain text version of the email. It links to the hosted version of the email in case someone has difficulty viewing it in their email client.
    • Update page: This links to a page that displays the contact's current contact information and allows then to make changes if something is no longer accurate.
    • Update / Opt-Out page: This links to a page where a contact can either update their information or unsubscribe from email marketing (or both.)
    • Opt-Out page: This links to a page where a contact can unsubscribe from all email marketing.
  3. Click on the Insert Link button to add the link to the email.
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