Call Log Report

The call log report produces a detailed list of note records that an Individual sales rep or a sales team has completed within a specific period of time. If you use this report, your reps should schedule calls by creating notes.

  1. Go to CRM > Reports in the main navigation

  2. Click Sales

  3. Click Call Log Report
  4. You can filter the report by:
    1. Main Search is the title of the Note
    2. Call types. These are also referred to as “Action Type” in the search results. Call types are configured under CRM > Settings > Tasks/Notes/Appointments.

    3. Completion date range
    4. On the Misc Criteria tab, you can filter by a specific user or a team of users

  5. The results displays links to the note records. This allows you to view the custom notes the sales rep entered when completing the note.