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Your email is not working as expected. Here are some common email issues with links to articles. Remember, you can always contact Support

Email Set-up

  1. How do I maximize my email deliverability

  2. How do I change my email address
  3. Email Sync connects Keap with your existing Microsoft1 or Gmail email account.  

Emails not sent or not received

  1. Improve email delivery rates with Keap.
  2. General email issues can be found in the Email Compliance Handbook.

  3. Unengaged Marketable - explains the value Keap provides around email deliverability.

  4. Why does my email go to Spam?

  5. Why did my contact not receive an email that I sent?

  6. How to keep your emails out of the Gmail promotions tab.

  7. How your from address affects email deliverability - If you send emails through Keap using a Yahoo, AOL! or Gmail email address, there is a high chance that your email will be rejected.

  8. Spam Traps are used by inbox and blacklist providers to catch malicious senders or legitimate senders with poor email marketing practices.

  9. DMARC may impact your email deliverability. To reduce spam, email providers reject mail sent from outside of their respective servers. While this helps reduce email phishing, it may impact your legitimate marketing efforts.

  10. Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) email protocol allows a sender's identity to be authenticated by the recipient to help combat email fraud. It's an important factor in email deliverability.

Why is my engagement low? 

  1. Unengaged contacts reduce the effectiveness of your email deliverability.

  2. Remove contacts unengaged more than 1 year from email marketing.

Maintaining my email lists

  1. We recommend List Hygiene as a practice to continuously maintain your contact lists to ensure email addresses are actively engaging with your content and are receiving your content without issues.

  2. Email status search - identifies what to update in your database, or you can use it to follow up with people who have outdated email addresses in your system.

  3. Email status icons represent the status assigned to an email address and is visible within individual contact records.

Keap Academy

For more on this topic, check out this training from Keap Academy to learn how to get emails into the inbox, and this training to understand the foundations of email deliverability. Learn at your own-pace as experts walkthrough the set up and application of these features with context and strategic insight.

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