Remove (delete) a user in Infusionsoft

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It's not possible to delete a user, but you can deactivate users to remove their access.

Deactivate a user

  1.  Navigate to Admin > Users.

  2. Click the users name (link), then scroll down.

  3. Scroll down and click the Deactivate button. This action frees up a user license that you can assign to someone else. The only exception is when partners are deactivated (users with a P next to their name), since partners do not require a user license.


What happens to the contacts, tasks, opportunities, and notes assigned to a deactivated user?

When you deactivate a user, the completed task is removed. You will be asked only who to assign the Pending tasks to. However, notes are not affected when you deactivate a user.

What happens if I reassign to the wrong user?

Make sure you are assigning tasks to the correct user because once the action is processed there isn't a way to undo. However, you can manually reassign tasks to another user.

Video walk-through

Note: Video has no sound.


Leave an app as a Partner

In order to leave an app as a Partner, you must first ensure that you do not have any assigned contacts in the app. Attempting to leave an app with assigned contacts will result in an error.

  1. Navigate to Account Central
  2. Locate the app you would like to leave
  3. Click Configure next to that app
  4. Click Leave Account
  5. Confirm your decision to leave the app and no longer have access
  6. The app will be removed from your Account Central
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