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This article provides instructions for launching the Social Review Promotion campaign that you can download for free from the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

After an invite tag is applied to a contact, they receive up to three emails inviting the contact to click and leave a review on a particular social channel.

This campaign can be used with any social network where users can leave recommendations or reviews.

  1. Download the Social Review Promotion campaign from the Marketplace

  2. Setup the Campaign Field and Campaign Link

    This campaign points a contact to your profile on a social network. In this part, you tell the campaign which social network and your social profile's URL.

    1. In the upper left of the page, click on the Campaign dropdown and then click on Merge Fields.
    2. Click the pencil icon next to the Social Channel to edit the merge field value.
    3. Insert the name of the resource and click the Save icon.
    4. Click on Close in the lower right corner of this menu to close it.
    5. Click on the Campaign dropdown again and click on Links.
    6. Click Edit to change the Social Profile URL.
    7. Update the placeholder URL with the actual online location of the resource and click Save.
    8. Click on Close in the lower right corner of this menu to close it.
  3. Publish the Campaign

    All items on this campaign by now should look light green/greyed out (like the Invite to Social Reviewgoal). This means we can safely Publish.

    1. Click the blue Publish button in the upper right; this will display a list of all items to be published.
    2. Click the green Publish button at the bottom of this list to publish the campaign.
  4. Start Requesting Social Reviews Automatically

    Your social review request is ready to go!

    To automatically trigger this campaign:

    1. Navigate to another campaign you want to use with this social review promotion
    2. Open the sequence of the campaign where you want to request a social review
    3. At the appropriate point in the sequence flow, add a Tag step that applies the Functional -> Invite to Social Review tag.
    4. Re-publish that campaign so the next time a contact reaches that point in the sequence, the tag will automatically start them in this document workflow
  5. To manually trigger this campaign for an individual customer:

    1. Apply the Functional -> Invite to Social Review Tag to someone's contact record
  6. To manually trigger this campaign for a group of customers:

    1. Do a contact search to find the segment of your database that could provide a social review
    2. When you have the segment you want, from the Actions dropdown in the upper left of the search results, select Apply/Remove Tag
    3. Apply the Functional -> Invite to Social Review tag
    4. Process the action
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