Email Status Search

The email status search report displays a list of people based on the status of their email address (i.e. bounce , opt-in , opt-out , etc.). You may use this search to clean up your database or to follow up with people who have bad email addresses in your system. Search by multiple criteria, including email status, last sent date, tags , and more. Click on Opt Status to view additional details.

Email Status Search

  1. Go to Marketing > Reports

  2. Scroll down to Email Status Search

  3. Click New Search

  4. Enter your Search Criteria. 

    • Email Status

    • Last Sent Date, Last Engagement Date, Last Engagement Interval

      From the "Misc Criteria" tab you have options to:
    • Tags
    • Products
    • Last Open Date
    • Last Web Form Submission Date
    • Last Web Form Submitted

      Customize the results by adding/removing "Columns". This includes
    • Name
    • Status
    • Email
    • Opt Type
    • Last Engagement Date
    • Time Since Last Engagement

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