How to purchase a product or service for another guest Or attendee

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Use case: Selling tickets to Seminars and Training events where the buyer is not necessarily the attendee.

Please Note! This only works with Order Forms as the shopping cart requires a lot of customized code to achieve different thank you pages based on product being purchased

  1. Create A Product. This will be the ticket given in the example above. Do not know how to create a product, not a problem just follow the steps given in this help article.
  2. Create An Order Form And Add Product To It. Do not know how to create an Order Form, not a problem. Just follow the steps given in this help Article.

    Pro-tip! An Order Form Theme will need to be created prior to creating the Order Form
  3. Create Custom Fields For Guest Attendee Information. For example, create fields for "Attendee/Guest First Name", "Attendee/Guest Last Name", etc.

    Please Note! If there is the possibility for more than one Attendee/Guest then create sets of custom fields for each possible submission. Otherwise data will be overwritten each time the Web Form is filled out.
  4. Create Campaign
    1. Add a web form

    2. Add all designed fields you would want to collect for the Attendee/Guest

    3. Add email field as a hidden field. Drag out the "hidden" field snippet and set this to "Email" and leave value blank.

    4. When form is submitted the field values will be saved to the contact who submitted the information

    5. Before leaving the web form settings, click on the "Code" tab and copy the "hosted link", you will need this later

    6. Drag out a new sequence and connect this Web form to it. Add a "Fulfillment List" process to the sequence.

    7. Remove all unnecessary fields

    8. Add all of the fields from the Web From

  5. Add Web Form URL to Order Form's Thank You Page. Navigate back to the Order Form and click on the Thank You Page tab then set drop down to Web Address. Paste in the Web Form URL.
  6. Click Save. You are now ready to promote your order form and collect attendee data.
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