Update Your Default Credit Card Settings

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The Credit Card Settings allow you to customize the style on the Max Classic credit card update portal, create credit card update related actions, and more.

  1. Go to E-Commerce > Settings

  2. Click on Orders in the settings menu.
  3. Go to the Credit Card section to edit the following defaults.
    • CC Types: This list shows up on Order Forms and the Shopping Cart checkout page. Customers select a credit card type from a dropdown list. Edit this list so that it only displays the types of credit cards you're willing to accept.
    • (Optional) Allow UK Maestro Cards: Set to Yes if you want to accept Maestro Cards (UK Only) and then add Maestro Card to the CC Types list.
    • Update Credit Card Page Header, Footer, and Thank You Message: If you use the Credit Card Update portal to request updated information when a card is expiring or has an issue, then you'll want to customize these areas to match your brand. This portal is accessed through an email merge link sent through an Order Trigger. The Header and Footer display above and below the secure update form. The Thank You Message displays after the form is submitted.
    • Credit Card Update Actions:
      • Clicked Update Credit Card Link - Click on Actions to tag a customer or send an internal notification email when someone clicks on the credit card update merge link in a billing email. This automation can help you identify people who clicked to update, but may not have been successful.
      • Updated Credit Card via Link - Click on Actions to set up automation when a customer successfully updates their credit card through this link. This Action should send an internal notification to view the order and attach the new credit card to it. Note: The credit card update interface collects the new credit card information, but does not update the card associated with the order - this must be done manually.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the settings and click on Save to apply the updates.
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