Send a re-engagement email to tagged, unengaged contacts

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This is a continuation of the article, Tag contacts unengaged 6-12 months for a re-engagement campaign

  1. Navigate to Marketing and click Email & Broadcasts.

  2. On the Email & Broadcasts page click Get Started. 

  3. On the Select an Email page click Actions > Create Blank Email.  

  4. Click the New Search link.

  5. Click in the box under Tags and search for the tag you created in the previous process and click Search.

  6. Enter a Subject Line.

  7. Write an email to inquire about your customer's level of interest in your business, explain that you are opting them out and that they have the option to opt back in to email marketing. Include a link in your email, highlight the text, this will bring up your text menu. Click on the Link and select URL and then type in the full URL for where you would like to redirect the contact. Then add a new Re-engaged Contact tag when contacts click it.

  8. Click Review and Send.

  9. Select your preferred Send options and click Schedule.
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