Send Re-Engagement Email to Unengaged Contacts

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  • From any page in the app navigate to Marketing >Email & Broadcasts

  • On the Email & Broadcasts page click Get Started

  • On the Select an Email page click on Actions > Create Blank Email

  • In the Details drop down click on New Search

  • In the Search Criteria window select the “1 yr+ Unengaged Contacts” tag in the Tags dropdown and click Search

  • In the Details dropdown enter a Subject Line along the lines of “Do You Still Want to Hear From Us?”

  • Craft a simple email with a message similar to the below. Include a link that will add a new tag named  “Re-engaged Contact ” tag from the contact. Be sure the tone, design and style match your business and brand.

Hello ~Contact.First Name~

We’ve noticed that it’s been a while since you’ve opened one of our emails. While we hate to see you go, we don’t want to continue bothering you so this will be the last email we will be sending you. If you actually would like to continue receiving our emails, simply click on the link below and we’ll leave you on our mailing list. 

Click Here to Continue Receiving Our Emails

Best Wishes.

  • Click the Review and Send button 

  1. Select one of the sending options and then click the Send or Schedule button

NOTE: You may want to wait up to a week from the time the email is sent to proceed to the next steps

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