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Max Classic automatically charges a credit card when a customer makes a one-time purchase and elects to pay in multiple installments (payment plan) or when they purchase a subscription program that involves recurring billing. If a customer closes a credit card account or has other issues with their card, the auto-charges will not process. When this happens, you will not be able to collect the funds until the problem is resolved. You can set up billing automation that will alert both you and the customer that there is an issue with a credit card.

PayPal Transactions: Please note that orders and subscriptions that are paid with PayPal will not trigger Billing Automation.

  1. Navigate to E-Commerce > Settings.
  2. Click on Billing Automation in the Settings menu at the bottom-left of the page.

  3. Choose a trigger type from the drop-down and click on the Add Trigger button.

  4. Set the Trigger Criteria.
    1. Select an autocharge event from the drop-down: Fails or Is Successful.
    2. (Optional) Select specific products. If you do not set a product criteria, the trigger will apply to all products and subscription programs.
      1. Select the Fail or Success criteria.
      2. Failure Criteria
      3. Success Criteria

  5. Add Actions. In this example, a tag "Credit Card Failure" is applied to the contact on the third failed autocharge attempt. You could then initiate a campaign when that tag is applied.

  6. Click the Save Trigger button.
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