Mass Update A List Of Referral Partners

You can mass update the following information for a list of referral partner records:

  • Status 
  • Notify Lead 
  • Notify Sale
  • Lead Cookie for
  • Default Skin
  • Remove from Programs
  • Add to Programs
  • Referral Partner Record Custom Fields
  1. Go to CRM > Referral Partners in the main navigation menu or the referral partner ledger report (CRM > Reports > Referral Partner > Referral Partner Ledgers.)

  2. Navigate to CRM>Referral Partners and search for the Referral Partners that need an update.

  3. Click on the Actions drop-down and select Mass Update Referral Partners option.

  4. Mark the checkbox beside the field(s) you need to update, and  enter the new value for that field. The new value will override any  existing values for these referral partners.

  5. Click on the Process Action button to permanently update the referral partner records.

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