Mass update a list of referral partners

You can mass update the following types of data for a list of referral partner records:

  • Status 
  • Notify Lead 
  • Notify Sale
  • Lead Cookie for
  • Default Skin
  • Remove from Programs
  • Add to Programs
  • Referral Partner Record Custom Fields

Mass update a list of referral partners

  1. Navigate to CRM and click Referral Partners or the referral partner ledger report (CRM > Reports > Referral Partner > Referral Partner Ledgers.)

  2. Select the Referral Partners that you want to update.

  3. Click the Actions drop-down and select Mass Update Referral Partners.

  4. Add a check to the fields that you want to update and select a new value for that field.

  5. Click the Process Action button to permanently update the referral partner records.
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