Issue a credit (write-off) or apply a price adjustment to an order

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You generally issue a credit or apply a price adjustment against an unpaid order balance. If the customer already submitted a full or partial payment, then issue a void, refund, or manual refund. For how to issue a refund, click here. If the credit or adjustment is part of a refund request, then you apply the credit as you go through the refund process.

Note: Void only if it is PENDING in the Merchant account. For more info, click here.

Credits and adjustments are recorded as payments. You can pull up a list of them through the payments report; E-Commerce > Reports >Payments Report.

  1. While viewing a contact record, click on the Orders tab.

  2. Click on the name of the order to open it.
  3. Click the Add Payment button.
  4. Enter the Payment Information:
    • Amount: (Enter the credit / adjustment amount). This amount will be deducted from the remaining balance due amount.
    • Date: Enter the date (usually today's date).
    • Payment Type: Select Adjustment, Credit, or Refund from the drop-down.
    • (Optional) Enter Notes about the reason for the adjustment. Common reasons may include a price adjustment, a courtesy credit for a service issue, etc.
    • (Optional) Apply to Commissions: Select No to prevent the price adjustment/credit from updating referral partner commissions.

  5. Click the Save button to apply the adjustment to the invoice. Note: If you automatically email invoices upon successful payments (E-Commerce > Settings > Orders > Billing section), then the customer will receive an invoice notification when you save the adjustment.
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