Create a Note Template Goal

Notes are manually added to a contact history to document a specific interaction. Notes include a date stamp as well as a description of the interaction that took place. A note might be added to a contact after an interaction such as a phone call, appointment or meeting.  These interactions can satisfy a goal in a campaign sequence. If this personal interaction has more than one possible outcome, you will create multiple goals, each with a unique note assigned to it. If you do not process purchases online, then a note can also be used to satisfy a purchase goal. A note that satisfies a campaign goal is available to users after the goal is configured and the campaign update is published.

Be Careful! The goals based on note updates are considered satisfied whenever a note is added to a contact history. The related sequence(s) will begin even if the contact was not in any previous part of the campaign. Make sure your users can easily identify the notes you use as goal methods and be sure to train them so they know what happens when a note is used.

Each note can only be assigned to one campaign goal. You cannot re-use campaigns.

  1. Drag a goal onto the campaign canvas.

  2. Name your Note Applied goal
  3. Double-click on the goal to set it up

  4. Select an Action Type from the drop down menu. The user will search for and identify notes by their title. The title is assigned to the campaign goal.
  5. Enter a description and creation notes. The description shows up as a link in the contact history. The creation notes can be viewed when a user clicks on the description link. Users can add custom notes before saving the note to the contact history.
  6. (Optional) Select a user to attribute this note to. In most cases, you'll want the system to attribute it to the logged in user who uses the note, which is the default.
  7. (Optional) Set up email notifications. The user(s) you select will receive an email notification each time this note is used. Click on a user's name to select them.
  8. Click Save to create the note assigned to this goal.
  9. You are ready to publish your updates.
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