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As an affiliate program manager, you'll want to be able to see which  affiliates are most active so you can reward top performers and / or  fulfill on incentives you've promised. There are several Referral  Partner Reports (CRM > Reports > Referral Partners) that will help you manage your programs and evaluate individual referral partner performance.

Referral Partner Activity Summary

The referral partner  activity summary report shows referral partner performance within a  specific date range. It summarizes the number of clicks (on a referral  tracking link), web form opt-ins (all opt-ins are counted, not just  unique opt-ins), and sales. You can filter this report by date range,  number of clicks / opt-ins / orders, dollar value of orders, and  affiliate. It will also show you the number and value of recurring  orders (subscriptions.)

Referral Partner Redirect Activity Summary

The Referral  Partner Redirect Activity Summary shows performance for the referral  partners' Sales Websites - or the performance for the tracking links  available to them. Within the report, you can monitor the number of  clicks to the Sales Website, number of opt-ins gained, number of orders,  as well as the sum of all orders gained from that sales website. You  can edit the report criteria to show Redirect Activity for specific  referral partners to help monitor their performance.

Referral Partner Referral Report

The  referral partner referral report is more robust. It allows you to  search by and display information from the contact record and referral  partner record making this report more customizable. You might use this  report to view a list of customers who were referred by a specific  referral partner within a specific date range. If you apply a  product-specific tag when customers buy from you, then you can also  narrow down results by products purchased. You can filter this report by  referring partner, referred person, Tag(s), referral partner record  custom fields, and more.

Field NameDescription
IDReferral Partner ID number
NameReferral Partner Name
Num ClicksNumber of clicks from all of their links within the date range selected
Num Opt Ins
Number of web form, order form and shopping cart submissions connected to their Referral Partner within the date range
Num Orders
The number of orders connected to the Referral Partner within the date range
Sum Orders
Sum of the order total of all the orders connected to the Referral Partner within the date range
Num Recurring
Number of subscription records connected to the Referral Partner within the date range
Sum Recurring
Sum of the subscription total for all subscriptions connected to the Referral Partner within the date range.
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