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Global Override

Global Override is a manually set option that grants commission for a specific partner for all sales made, regardless if the referral partner is associated with the contact or not.

  1. If there is a Global Override in the Default Commissions area at the top, this setting automatically adds the referral partner to all orders and gives the partner commission on all sales.
  2. If there is a Global Override in one of the specific Product Commissions or Subscription Plan Commission, this automatically adds the referral partner to all sales made on that one-time product or subscription, regardless of whether the partner made the sale or not.

To remove a Global Override setting, click on the [Override] hyperlink, go to the Global Override area, delete the amount, and save.

Note: Changing this setting stops future orders from having the Global Override added to orders, but you may need to retroactively and manually fix orders to remove the referral partner from them if this setting was accidentally applied. Once the Global Override is turned off, you can click the Recalculate button on the order to remove the Referral Partner's Global Override commission.

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