Accept Donations Of Varying Amounts

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Use case: Non-profit organization or a special event that needs a solution for accepting donations of varying amounts from the storefront.

There are two methods of accepting donations of varying amounts:

  1. A $0 non-shippable product with product options as donation amounts
  2. A $1 dollar non-shippable product with an option to change the quantity

High Level Steps:

  • Create a product that is priced at 0 dollars and set product options that act as donation amounts.
  • Or create a product that is priced at 1 dollar with the option to increase the quantity of the donation product to increase their donation.

Steps for creating a $0 priced product and adding product options

  1. Create a $0 product (i.e. $0.00). Don't know how to create a product, follow the steps in this article
  2. Go to Product Options Tab

  3. Type Dollar Amount for the name. Leave "Option Type" and "Required" unchanged

  4. Click Add

  5. For "Value Name" type the actual price amount

  6. Type in the corresponding value for "Price Adjustment"

  7.  Click Add

  8. Click Save when all amounts have been added

Steps for creating a $1 product

  1. Create a product and set the price to 1 (i.e. $1.00). Don't know how to create a product, not a problem, follow the steps in this article
  2. Add to the product's short description box with instructions for the customer to update the quantity to be the dollar amount they would like to donate. For example "Please increase quantity of this product to match the dollar amount you would like to donate. Thank you" This will then show on the check out page for the customer to see.

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