Generate Referral Partner Commission And Payment Reports

The following reports can be used to view the financial activity of your referral partners. Go to CRM > Reports > Referral Partner to view the available reports that will let you see commissions due, clawbacks issued, and payments issued.

Table of Contents:

Referral Partner Ledgers

The referral partner ledger  report shows all financial activity for referral partners within a  specific date range, including beginning balance (prior to date range),  commissions earned (with the date range), clawbacks (due to refunds or  canceled orders), payments issued (within the date range), and an ending  balance (beginning balance plus commissions earned minus payments  issued and clawbacks). You can filter this report by commission program,  code, parent partner, referral partner status, custom fields, tags, and  more. In addition to using this report to issue payments, you can use  it to:

  • Identify top performing referral partner and "graduate" them to the next commission level through a mass update
  • Monitor clawback amounts and see which referral partner are generating customers who are a poor fit for your business
  • You  can also log into your Referral Partner Center with a partner's login  through this report and / or view an individual partner's ledger.

Referral Partner Payment Search

The referral partner  payment search shows you payments issued to one or more affiliate within  a specific date range. You can use this report to view statistics on  past payments and / or research an inquiry from a specific referral  partner. You can filter this report by batch id, date range, amount,  referral partner, tags, and custom fields. This report will also  differentiate between manual, one-off payments and batch payments.

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