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Campaign Sequence Email Report Update

You now have the ability to measure the performance of specific emails in a campaign sequence. See open rates, clicks, opt-outs and more. Check out this article to see how.


Nexus Merchants Integration

Nexus Merchants provides a bridge with popular merchant accounts such as Stripe and Braintree. When you integrate an account with the Nexus Merchants merchant gateway, you are able to process payments through any method (order forms, shopping cart, or manual orders). It will also handle auto-charges for subscriptions or payment plans.


REST API Contact Region Location Update

The Infusionsoft API has been updated to receive either the ISO code or the full name value.  The full name value for any ISO code that is passed to Infusionsoft is what will be stored to the database.  This resolves an issue where the opposite value (ISO code or full name value was being stored when being passed to Infusionsoft. For example, providing a region of “US-AZ” previously would result in “Arizona” being saved and a region of Arizona would result in “US-AZ” being saved. This change resolves that problem by always saving the full name value but still accepting either format (“US-AZ” or “Arizona”). This will affect integrations that are providing us a region of “Arizona” and are expecting “US-AZ” to be returned.

Important! This change will affect any REST API call which can return a contact location/region. Please click here to learn more.


HTML Snippet in Email Builder

You can now inject custom HTML into the Email Builder using the new Code Snippet

Important Note!
Using custom HTML in responsive emails could impact the way your email displays on different devices. Please test all emails before sending them to your entire customer list.

Just drag the code snippet into the email template and begin writing HTML in the panel on the left.


7-Day Rule Being Discontinued

Infusionsoft has discontinued the "7-day rule" behavior in Campaign Builder. If you frequently add marketing pieces to live, active campaigns, please take a moment to review this change.


Swedish Translation for External Pages

Several external pages will be automatically translated to Swedish based on the user's browser setting. Click here to view a full list of supported languages and external pages.

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