Restore deleted contacts and other data

Keap may be able to restore deleted or altered contact records or other data in your Infusionsoft application. Keap performs regular backups and keeps them for 90 days. The items listed below that are deleted or altered within the last 90 days may be able to be restored. 

There may be a fee associated with the restore depending on the data/content that needs to be retrieved. Data restores can take between 3-5 business days and is dependent on the complexity and amount of data to be restored. 

To request a restore, please be prepared to share the following information. We use this information to provide an estimated cost of the data restore.

  • What type of records need to be restored? E.g., Contacts, Campaigns, Opportunities, etc.
  • What fields need to be restored?
  • What Tags need to be restored? 
  • How was the data deleted? Provide and explanation, e.g., ran action to delete list, clicked the delete button in the record.
  • When was the data altered or deleted?

Have an authorized user call or chat Infusionsoft Support who is a verifiable authorized user and is able to approve account charges. 

Please Note: Data restore fees quoted by the support team are an estimate. If we determine that the restore services will require additional costs, a representative will reach out to you for approval before any restoration is completed.

Able to Restore
Unable to Restore
Contact Records
Legacy Templates
Merged RecordsEmail Templates
CampaignsContacts within campaigns
Tasks/Appointments/NotesLegacy Order Forms
Company RecordsLegacy Shopping Cart
OpportunitiesWeb Forms
Referral PartnersLanding Pages
Tags (that were applied to a contact)
Tags (that were edited/deleted from the app)
Shipping Options
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