Campaign builder - element statuses explained

Goals, sequences, and sequence tools have statuses. By default, all campaign elements start in a Draft status. In order to publish these elements so that your contacts can be added and for the processes to run, the elements must be placed into a Ready status, and then published.  This article will go over how to accomplish this. 

How to identify draft, ready, and published status

A gray icons with a Setup required label are in Draft and would not
be seen when the campaign is published.
Striped objects with a Ready label are ready to be published and would be seen when the campaign is published
Note: A published campaign element can change back to striped if changes
were made in element. 
Green objects with a Publish label the have already been published.

Draft to Ready Slider

Some elements have a slider located at the top right that needs to be switched to Ready

Goals that have a slider

  • Web form submitted
  • Internal form submitted
  • Landing page submitted

Sequence tools that have a slider

  • Email
  • Voice
  • Letter
  • Fax
  • Apply Note
  • Create Task
  • Create Appointment
  • Set Field Value
  • Fulfillment List  
  • Create Order
  • Send HTTP Post  

Draft to Ready with no slider

Some elements only need to be configured and saved to be moved to a Ready status

Goals that are configured and saved

  • Tag applied    
  • Email Link clicked 
  • Email Opened 
  • Product purchased 
  • Opportunity Stage moved 
  • Web Page automation 
  • Quote status 
  • Lead Score achieved    
  • API
  • WordPress Opt-ln

Sequence that are configured and saved

  • Delay Timer
  • Date Timer
  • Field Timer
  • Apply/Remove Tag
  • Assign an Owner 
  • Create Opportunity
  • Apply Action Set
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