Testing Your Promotions And Upsells

It is a good idea to test your discount, trial, upsell and pay plan promotions after you set them up. If a promotion is not working as you expect, check its criteria. Remember ALL of the criteria you create must be true for the promotion to work. In some cases, you may need to create multiple versions of the same promotion to achieve your goals.

Before you test a shopping cart promotion, you should write down the following information about each promotion:

  • Type of Promotion: Discount (order total, product, subscription, category, or shipping), free trial, upsell, or pay plan.
  • Name of the eligible Product, Subscription, or Category (if applicable).
  • Criteria: What must be true for the customer to be eligible to receive the promotion (i.e. date range, promo code, product / qty, etc.)
  • Expected Result. (e.g. "When the customer spends 100.00 and enters the NLCUST promo code, they will get 10 % off their order total.)

  1. Go to E-Commerce > E-Commerce Setup
  2. Go to the Products section and click on Product Bundle Links.

  3. Create various bundle links to add a product, a subscription, or various combinations to your cart. 
    • If there is a minimum order total involved, increase the number of products in the cart to get to that total.
    • If there is a promo code criteria, enter the promo code and then click on Apply.
    • If there is a date range criteria, the offer won't show up unless the day you test falls within the date range. You will have to temporarily modify the date range to test.

  4. Remove items from the cart before testing another promotion.
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