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An email confirmation sequence is a special type of sequence that will send an email confirmation request to contacts who opt-in to a campaign. This gives you the ability to focus your marketing efforts on people that have confirmed their email address.

Note: You can't send more than 2 confirmation emails in a 30 day period. If you do, the contact record will display this error message:

"You have exceeded the maximum amount of confirmation emails that you may send to this recipient. You may only send 2 confirmation emails within a 30 day period."

  1. Drag out an email confirmation sequence onto the campaign canvas.

  2.  Connect it to a goal - like a web form or landing page.
  3. If you double-click the Confirm Email goal, you will get a message stating that if someone already has a confirmed email address, the sequence will be skipped. In this case, the person will move to the next step in the campaign.

  4.  Double click on the Email Confirmation Request sequence.

  5. You will see an interlocked email communication item and a delay timer. Double-click the confirmation email; it opens the email builder with locked-down content and very limited customization.  You cannot add or remove anything from the locked sequence. These sequences are designed to be CAN-SPAM compliant and have limited customization options.

  6. When you are finished editing the email, change the status to Ready.

  7. You are ready to Publish your changes.

    Pro Tip! You can add another email confirmation as a reminder if the contact does not immediately confirm their email address. The purpose of this sequence is to remind the person to confirm their email in order to receive the information they requested.

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