Manually Send an Invoice

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You can also manually send an invoice when a customer requests it, you want to send an invoice for an unpaid order, or if you are not automatically sending invoices upon successful payment.

  • While viewing a contact record, click on the Order tab.

  •  Click on the name of the order to open it.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the order and click on the Send Invoice button.

Choose to send the email without invoice, or with printable invoice and click on the Send Invoice(s) button.

  • By default, the option to 'Create a new Printable Invoice' is selected but there are 2 options:

    • "Choose 'Do not send this invoice'", the email will be sent without the invoice attached.
    • "'Create a new printable Invoice'", the system will create the invoice as an attachment and it will be sent with the email.
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