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Emails you receive through the Keap email client are automatically recorded in the communication history of the contact that sent you the message. Your reply is also recorded in the history by default. Most of the time this is desirable since it helps you centralize communications, and gives your user team more visibility into the current status of the relationship with each contact. There may be times you want to prevent emails from specific companies from showing up in the email history.

In Keap, you can set up a domain level filter that will block all communications from that domain from displaying in the contact record. If you remove the filter, the communications will show up again and all users who have access to the related contact record will be able to view them.

Example: Your company negotiates contracts with various suppliers. You want to put these suppliers on your company email newsletter list, which you send as a broadcast through Keap. However, you do not want your users to see the personal email communications that take place as you negotiate pricing and contracts with these suppliers. You need to be able to correspond with these vendors through the Keap email client, but maintain the level of privacy and confidentiality required. You want to hide all of the communications that take place with specific vendor domains (e.g. vendordomain.com) so that they are only accessible from the email client, but not from the Person Record for that vendor.

  1. Go to Marketing > Settings in the main navigation menu

  2. Click on Email Defaults in the settings menu

  3. Go to the Email section and enter the domain name into the Email History Ignore Domains text area (e.g. vendordomain.com). Note: This is a domain level filter, it does not filter a specific email address (e.g. supplier@vendordomain.com).

  4. Click Save to apply the change. Note: To remove the filter, just delete a domain from this list and save. When you remove a domain, the communications with that domain are no longer filtered from the person's communication history.

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