Legacy Template Library Email Builders

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Legacy Notice: This article refers to a feature that used with legacy broadcast emails which are created in Marketing > Templates

In Max Classic, there are three separate places where you may be creating emails:

  • Template Library (Marketing > Templates). This area is typically used for creating legacy broadcast email templates for those customers who still use legacy functionality.

  • Sending a Broadcast 
  • Campaign Builder: This is where all of your campaign automation emails reside. Most customers spend much of their time in this area configuring their campaign structure and campaign emails.

(Legacy) Drag & Drop Email Builder

The legacy Drag & Drop HTML builder offers an intuitive drag & drop interface that allow you to add, remove, and re-arrange text, image, and link content snippets. The layout and style tools make it easy to change from a one to a two column layout, as well as customize email colors to coordinate with company branding.

(Legacy) Plain Text Editor

An email template can be plain text only or a combination of HTML and plain text. Plain text email templates do not include any formatting options at all. You are not able to add images or format text. However, all email programs will display a plain text email.


(Legacy) Email Code Builder

As an alternative to the standard HTML option, users can build an email from HTML source code using the Code Builder. The code is generated through an HTML code editor (e.g. Dreamweaver) and then pasted into an Max Classic email. Users who want highly customized emails and who are very familiar with HTML code may prefer this HTML option for it's additional flexibility. The code option is not compatible with the standard HTML builder. Once an email is converted to code, it can no longer be edited using the drag & drop interface.


(Legacy) Classic Builder

The classic builder is an older email builder. It uses a standard HTML WYSIWYG editor which includes tools to insert tables and more. Because this builder will eventually be phased out, we recommend using the drag & drop or code HTML builder instead.

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